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A former Factions, Prison, and current SkyBlock server owner with over 8 years of Minecraft plugin development experience.


This plugin has been on several of my servers like Factions, Prison, and Skyblock. It is essentially a custom enchantments plugin that adds many unique enchantments that players may add to their items. Depending on the type of server, the enchantment books may be purchased with in-game money or mined for in the prison mines. Once an enchantment book is decrypted they will have a success and fail chance when applying it to an item.


I created this plugin because I wasn't able to find a combat tag plugin that fit my needs. Additionally, by creating my own plugin I was able to easily integrate it into my other plugins such as PlisovSkyblock


This project was probably one of the most fun ones to make. It is essentially a supply crate drop plugin that spawns supply crates with varying levels of loot in them around the PVP area every so often. The amount of time between each respawn can be easily changed in the config.



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